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4월 20일 (월)


420 RADIO [Live Stream]

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420 RADIO [Live Stream]

Time & Location

2020년 4월 20일 오후 3:00 – 오후 8:00

About The Event

Live streaming via Senggi Studio’s Youtube channel. Sit home, we comin to steal all ya milk

@songyoda 03:00-04:00 @_ejo__ 04:00-05:00 @g.i.m.m.i.x.x.x.x 05:00-06:00 @smileysong 06:00-07:00 @kangtekhyun 07:00-08:00 & , @sitchs_ ‘s live paint on board

#charsaubees #charsaubeesradio #चार सौ बीस #चारसौबीसradio #420radio #420 #senggistudio #takinovawholeseoul

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